Day Trading Rules

Day Trading Rules:

Below list of day trading rules will help you to stay profitable in day trading.

Day Trading Rules

List of day trading rules will help you to become successful day traders if you are following it in a discipline manner.

In a day trading it is impossible to achieve 100% success rate hence there is always chance of losses even though you are a professional trader.

Hence It is a mandatory to follow list of day trading rules which can protect you from looses and achieve 80-90% success rate in day trading.

Below are list of day trading rules which i have followed and help me to protect against looses.

I am sure if you are following it then it will also help you to protect against looses.


Rule no-1: 

Always prepare your own trading strategies without relying on any paid or expert recommendation strategies.

you can learn trading strategy preparation with help of trading books mentioned in below link.

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Rule no-2: 

Always do trading with proper risk-reward money management.

Rule no-3: 

Never do stock selection based upon expert  or broker recommendation.

with the help of trading strategy you can select your own stock for trading.

Rule no-4: 

Always stay updated for latest stock market news.

you can find list of latest stock market news in below link.

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Rule no-5: 

Trade only when good opportunity comes.

Rule no-6: 

Never do trading with over leverage position.

Rule no-7: 

Don’t think to become millionaire or billionaire via trading overnight.

yes. you can become but it is time taking process.

Rule no-8: 

Don’t trust any media news blindly.

Always analyze news and take decision based upon charting technique.

Rule no-9: 

Always control your greed and fear while doing trading.

Rule no-10: 

Don’t broke any of above mentioned rules irrespective of situation.


If you are following above list of day trading rules diligently then no one can stop you to become successful day trader and make money in trading.

Day trader


Wish you a happy and successful trader.

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If you have any question then ask it via comment box below.

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