Online Business

Do you want to earn money Online?.



Well Of course you do. it is one of new way to become rich in this modern world. 😊

The Real Question is “How do you earn money online?.”

You can earn money online via starting “Your own ebusiness or online business or ebiz.”

What is ebusiness?.

ebusiness or Online business is the way of doing business on the internet.

It is similar like any other traditional business but only difference is here you don’t need any physical location to do business.

Example.: Same like amazon you have require to sell product or any service online in order to make money via online business.

E business flow will be like below.

ebusiness flow

As explain in above figure more products you sell through your website, you can earn more money.

your website will be act same like eshop.

If you don’t have your own product to sell then you can also earn money via affiliate marketing in ebusiness.

Affiliate marketing in simple terms describe as referral bonus where you can sell product of other company & make commission for each successful sales.


You want to sell Iphone available on amazon via your own website then you can earn referral bonus from amazon for each succesfull Iphone sales.



It is very simple way to earn income in the modern world.

Advantages of ebusiness:

  1.  Part-time– You can do ebusiness while doing your job hence there is no need to leave your daily job.
  2.  Location independence – you can do this business from anywhere.


3. Gateway to your rich dream – you can earn billions of dollars through ebusiness depending upon your effort.

example: Amazon is one of top ebusiness in this world and his CEO jeff bezos net worth is $100 billion dollar.


How to set-up ebusiness:

Step-1 : Set-up your website

  • Purchase domain name.  (Example:- Your name is Angelina & you want to set up website in your name then you have to purchase domain name: or
  • Design your website using (It is free and you don’t need any programming knowledge).

Step-2 : Bring client to your website via digital or online marketing

Why do you need digital or online marketing to bring users to your site?.

Let’s assume your website is selling rolex watch online.

You have launched your new website but the real question is “how do your client know your is selling rolex watch??.”

The answer is : “Digital Marketing.”

Role of digital marketing is like below.


As Explained above digital marketing will help you to promote your website and bring more clients to your site.

More clients will visit your site so you can do more sales &  earn more money.

Without digital marketing you can’t able to earn money in ebusiness.

How to learn digital marketing?.

you can learn digital marketing via taking online course on Coursera.

It is available in both English and Spanish language.

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“If you take action today only then you will achieve result tomorrow.”

Own ebusiness is the only chance you have to bring financial stability in your life.


I hope you get clarity about online business definition and If still not then ask your question via comment box below.

I wish you best of luck for better business and greater prosperity.

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External References:

Once you finished above training then you will get more information about digital marketing via below mentioned links.

Above mentioned both sources are treasure if you are really want to make money via ebusiness.

Pratik Modi

Pratik is a Professional Trader,Investor and Digital Marketer. His Main Agenda is to educate people about stock market and online marketing so anyone can earn money through stock market and online marketing. You can reach him on twitter if you want any further help besides this blog information.

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