Market Sentiment Analysis

What is Market Sentiment Analysis?

Market Sentiment Analysis is the method of doing trading based upon the stock market news.

stock news drive price of the stock higher or lower depending upon news type.

This analysis basically covers what kind of particular news has an impact on stock price.

Market Sentiment Analysis

Most of the peoples are ignoring market sentiment analysis which costs them bigger losses in the stock market trading.

Market Sentiment analysis is widely used in stock market trading.

This is the simplest and easiest way to make money in stock trading.

You will learn this analysis only via experience so be patient and do your hard work.

Without experience, it is not possible to learn about this analysis.

If the news is positive then the stock price goes up and the similar way if the news is negative then stock price goes down.

You have to determine whether the news published is positive or negative.

You can follow simple below steps to learn about market sentiment analysis.


  • Read any local business newspaper or watch any stock market related any news channel.


  • Track down list of the particular announcement which has an impact on stock price.
  • Example:
    • Suppose company-X’ stock price was $10 at the start of the trading day.
    • Now suddenly news come out in media like “company-x has made a major loss in this quarter.”
    • This is bad news hence everyone has started to sell company-x’s stock.
    • As a result of this sell-off price of company-x stock come down to $8 after the end of that particular trading day.

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“If you are able to combine market sentiment analysis with another type of analysis: Fundamental and technical then no one in this world can able to stop you to earn in this world.”

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