Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis of Stocks:

Technical Analysis Is a Method to Determine the future price of any stock Based on The Historical stock charts. This analysis is extremely useful for doing trading.

Trading can be also called as online share trading.

There are various types of trading methods like intra-day trading, swing trading and positional trading.

Technical Analysis can be also used to do stock market predictions.

Stock Market Forecast via technical analysis is not 100% accurate but it can give you hint about future stock market direction.


Each country has their own stock market timings which allow you to do trading in stock market live.

e.g.: In India, stock market timings are 9:15 a.m to 3:30 p.m.

Following are steps to learn about technical analysis methods which will help you to make big money in trading.

If you are able to each step mentioned below rigorously then no one can stop you to earn money in the stock market.


Before you read each below steps please Click here then you will understand why do you need to follow below steps.

Step-1:- Read Technical Analysis books

  • Kindly Study following books to learn about technical analysis.
  • Order all below books and learn technical analysis at your home.

1.Japanese Candlestick By Steve Nison      

Japanese Candlestick by Steve Nison

2.Technical Analysis  by John Murphy

Technical Analysis by John Murphy

3.Market Wizards by Jack Schwa gar

trading books

Step-2:- Prepare Trading Strategies

  • Based on above-mentioned books knowledge (Risk-reward+Japanese Candlestick+ Western Technical analysis methods) now you can prepare your own trading strategies.
  • If you don’t prepare your own trading strategies then you will always loose money in the stock market.
  • Day trading strategies are essential for choosing best stocks in order to trading.

Step-3:- Open Stock Broker account and Do testing

  • You can Click Here to understand about stockbroker functionality.
  • Test your trading strategies in the stock market live.
  • Remember by testing strategies on demo trading account you will not get much success because a live trading experience is completely different.
  • Based on the result you can adjust your trading strategies.

Step-3:- Self-practice on Stock Market Live

  • Once your trading strategies are tested then start trading on the stock market live with small account size for doing self-practice only.
  • A small account size is an amount which you are affordable to lose while doing trading.
  • In every trade, don’t expose your capital more than 1% of total capital by using the Risk-Reward method.
  • Please Don’t be too much greedy in this step otherwise you will lose all your money.
  • Remember stock market is not going to close tomorrow hence gain enough experience before you make big money.
  • Please spend at least 3-6 months on this step to gain enough experience.
  • 90% of traders are failed in the stock market because they spend too much money for paid training but don’t spend enough money on doing self-practice.
  • If you put lots of effort in this step then you can earn money via trading lifetime.

Step-4-: Make Big money:

  • Once you gain enough experience, then it is time to make big money in trading and earn rewards for your hard work. 🙂


“If you are ready to do hard-work for trading then it is one of best online business in the world.”


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